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  Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD., mainly engaged in polyethylene plastic pipe、PESteel tubes、Large diameter drainage pipes、PEThe plum flower tube, etc。The company adhering to the“The customer is supreme,Forge ahead”The management idea,Stick to it“The customer is supreme”The principle of providing excellent service for our customers。
  Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD is located in beautiful scenery and historical and cultural city-Qingzhou。309National highway、Jiqing expressway、Jiaoji railway passing by,The transportation is convenient。Qingzhou is one of the ancient kyushu,A scene,Is the Chinese tourist city,Cloud gate mountain、Camel mountain、Exquisite mountain、Mt.huandshan mountain、My garden、Fan Gongting, qingzhou museum beauty, etc,With cultural heritage and the precious historical relics and distant。Qingzhou Kim suye co., LTD. Is the production of high density polyethylene pipe、Wall pipe winding structure of private science and technology enterprises。Have a good microcomputer automatic control of the production line,Well-equipped pipe inspection,Scientific and reasonable process、Smart expert management、Operating skilled worker team,Perfect quality management system。Welcome customers to patronize!

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