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Garden cinda chemical co., ltd. is a professional engaged in the research of all kinds of water treatment agent、Development、Production、Im professional application
Production enterprises,Cover an area of an area4有啊彩票0Square meters,The company consists of two parts, scientific research and development center and industrial base。Company history1984Years
,The garden city of hubei province water quality stabilizer factory was set up,Hubei province is the first company specialized in water quality stabilizer research and production of integrated enterprise
Industry,By the national science and technology commission identified as national torch plan implementation unit,2002Years after the restructuring and reorganization,Renamed garden cinda chemical industry
A limited liability company,Of the garden city of cinda chemical co., LTD to become the main water treatment agent of high-tech enterprises。The company
The company is committed to provide customers with superior products and application...

WT-304N Scale inhibitor(Patent product)
1、Performance:This product is a new type of efficient without phosphorus scale corrosion inhibitor,As part of the water treatment agent of environmentally friendly products,More in line with the current environmental protection standards requirements。2011In national authorized invention patent(The patent number:ZL200910063243.9)。Because phosphorus is the main cause of eutrophication of water body pollution(Such as the taihu lake、Dianchi lake pollution caused by phosphorus),To avoid the eutrophication of water body pollution caused by phosphorus,Make the environment more friendly,And the product price compare traditional phosphate scale inhibitor is higher,It has a broad market prospect and important application value。?  2、To use
WT-304M Scale inhibitor
1、Performance:This product is by the bureau of carboxylic acid salt and other polyelectrolyte composition distribution。It not only has excellent scale inhibition effect on calcium carbonate,Also have the very strong resistance to calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate scale effect,At the same time also has a certain ability of slow release。Mutual capacitive on other water treatment agents are also very good。If used with other corrosion inhibitors,Has the good synergy。?  2、Purposes:This product is mainly used in metallurgical industry、Chemical industry、Many fields such as oil。?  3、Method of use:General dosing quantity for the3aa00080mg/L。?  4、Quality indicators:????  5、The packing:25kg、30kg、2
WT-304H Scale inhibitor
1、Performance:This product is composed of organic phosphate、Molybdate and preparation of polymer additives such as using a special process scale corrosion inhibitor,Can be applied to groundwater or surface water supplement water net ring of water systems,The calcium ion in the water、Ammonia、Alkalinity andpHNo special requirements。?  2、Purposes:This product is suitable for fertilizer、Chemical industry、Pharmaceutical、Oxygen、Water quality stability treatment such as oil refining industry,Is mainly used in air conditioning water treatment。?  3、Method of use:General dosing quantity for the2aa00030mg/L。?  4、Quality indicators:????  5、The packing:25kg、30kg、200kg、10
Chlorine dioxide generator
Compound chlorine dioxide generator is a field containing chlorine(Cl2)The chlorine dioxide(ClO2)The chemical reaction and dosing system,Mainly consists of several subsystems:?  1、Preparation and storage of raw material solution system?  2、Raw material solution dosing metering system?  3、Chemical reaction system?  4、Water bath heating system?  5、Mixed dosing system?  6、Automatic control and operation/Display system?  7、Safety protection、Monitoring and alarm system?  8、Adding the metering pump online calibration system??  The characteristic:?  Unique reactor to ensure high conversion rate?  Mining
Automatic dosing On-line monitoring Automatic control
Cinda chemical dosing automatic control system scheme is based on the heat exchange process characteristics of the circulating water every customer or customer's different requirement and replenish water, the actual situation,Combined with us in more than one site, and other enterprises similar process under the condition of circulating water dosing control experience,Fully considering the treatment effect、Running costs、Operation management and so on various factors,Many of these functions as well as the choice of instrument equipment was even more than the nalco、GEForeign drug manufacturers such as provided by the dosing control scheme。??  Range?  To provide a full set of automatic control equipment(Complete sets of equipment)And the related design、The supply、Comprehensive
Industrial water treatment application service projects
In order to promote the development of the industrial water treatment in China,Increasing water treatment technology,To economize on water,The purpose of protecting the environment,To better provide users with advanced water treatment technology,Reduce the consumption,Improve the economic benefits。Our company in addition to the 13 big series of water treatment products,Also has a seasoned scene、Familiar with powder performance、Understand the characteristics of the industry process engineering and technical services team。?  The company's engineering and technical service can provide the following water treatment application service to our customers:?  1、Water quality analysis and scale sample analysis:Including all kinds of industrial circulating cooling water、Make up water、Raw water、Process water、Industrial wastewater
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