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Kudzu root,Kudzu of leguminous plants,Is one of the types of some provinces in southern China often eat vegetables,Its flavour gan cool delicious,Often for soup。Its main composition is starch,In addition contains flavonoids,Including soybeans(Soy beans)Glucoside、Soybean glucoside yuan、Puerarin, etc10More than;And is rich in carbohydrates and essential amino acids and mineral elements and other nutrients;In addition to rich in carotene、Coumarin, and so on。


Kudzu root starch is a kind of unique nutrition、Medicine to eat rare natural health products,With promote of heart head blood-vessel、The role of retinal blood flow,Relax smooth muscle spasmolysis effect,To promote cancer and inducing differentiation of cancer cells,Antioxidant effect,Fall blood sugar、Fall hematic fat、Reduce blood alcohol concentration solution wine,As a food and medicine,Is known as in the world“Longevity powder”。


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Nine days the company was founded in 1998,With the support of social from all walks of life love and under the joint efforts of all staff,The company is committed to development of mountain resources,A famous quality green food,Not only accelerated the pace of the county farmers out of poverty to get rich,Improve the economic benefits of enterprises,And ease the employment pressure,To promote the social stability,Adjust the ecological resources to beautify the environment。Company to technology development as the guide,To speed up the application of science and technology,Produce more quality tourism products,Truly become the wuling mountain area agricultural industrial structure adjustment,Development of rural economy,To promote the farmers' income star enterprise。Opened a new chapter of the development of industry。
Experienced the ups and downs,Is growing up。We always insist on“Strives for the survival by the quality,Seek development by innovation”The operating principle,Adhering to the"Innovation、Pragmatic、Unity"The spirit of enterprise,With the practical action“The tip of the tongue natural taste,Pilot green and healthy。”The corporate mission。The company has been identified as the national poverty alleviation leading enterprises、Provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises、Provincial re-employment of advanced enterprises、Provincial spark science and technology demonstration on the west and wuling mountain area development key support enterprises,PassedISO9001Quality management system certification,Food production license,And get the self-management import and export rights。The company after years of research and development of puerarin products,Kudzu root polysaccharide extraction process won the national invention patent;Pueraria powder and all kinds of puerarin products are favored by customers at home and abroad,Newly developed nine days xiang in puerarin beverages products production and sales have started;In the process of development in the future,Nine days will, as always, strengthen the standard management、Cultivate the advanced culture、Create high-quality brand,Make sure the enterprise continued、Health、High speed development。And in the process of growing,Constantly create value for the society,The development of enterprise itself!Nine days people join hands and win-win future。
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